Concord Baptist

Levi Skipper


  • 4:18 Sunday at the park event to reach unchurched people with the Gospel presentation
  • 7:44 People are equipped to do personal evangelism at church events
  • 9:40 Sunday Morning has been used to walk attendees on how to share the Gospel
  • 11:30 Sunday Mornings are a time of vibrant worship experience with a sense of community and Biblical preaching is always highlighted
  • 13:38 Creating an Evangelistic Culture by making it very plain that Jesus gave us a mission to go and make disciples.  Church members are missionaries who have been planted by God in the community to reach people with the Gospel.
  • 14:45 Create an environment where members feel good about inviting friends, neighbors, and co-workers
  • 16:00 Celebrate salvations and baptisms in the service
  • 24:16 Love the Lord, Love Others, and Share the Gospel